FHS Distributes Hundreds of Chromebooks for the First Time

Chromebook Coordinator Ethan Malmer issues Chtomebook to Freshman James Pippin.

Aaron Levi

Chromebook Coordinator Ethan Malmer issues Chtomebook to Freshman James Pippin.

Minah Kim, Contributor

Frisco High School has supplied over 900 students with fully functional chromebooks for the 2021-2022 school year. The school’s orderly manner of distribution and reliable support for any chromebook-related accidents allows for students to work efficiently and effectively.

“The ability to pull out your chromebook in class and get right on the internet… and [being able to] communicate as well… makes things run a lot smoother.” stated Mr. Malmer, the main staff for chromebook inventory and an assistance in chromebook repair.

All FHS students are a simple canvas course and reasonable insurance fee away from a personal chromebook for easy access to technology.

“We’ve been phasing them in every year, ninth graders get chromebooks” explains Mr. Malmer; therefore, incoming Freshmen of FHS are all automatically given enrollment in the “One-for-All” chromebook distribution program.

Additionally, they have the option of bringing their own devices if prefered, but the shared features on the chromebooks help the teachers better understand and accommodate to any questions or technology-related confusion that students may come across.

Juniors and seniors who have not gone through the “One-for-All” program in their freshman year are encouraged to request to join as the school has enough chromebooks to provide for all students.

With over 2000 students, not everyone has chosen to take the opportunity to rent a chromebook; however, “the goal is for the whole school to have one eventually”(Malmer). Frisco High School still has a ways to go, but as of now they’re headed down a path of success.