Korean Street Fashion On the Rise

New Trend Attracts Young People

V of BTS in Los Angeles for a photo shoot in 2018.

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V of BTS in Los Angeles for a photo shoot in 2018.

Carla Salmeron, Contributor

Over centuries Korean street fashion is well known for their unique style. Korean fashion is distinct, their style usually revolves around key pieces like ruffled dresses, tops ,oversized pieces, blazers and mini dresses. K-Pop stars and famous k-drama actresses wear that type of clothes. This style is not only seen in the Asian territory, but also places like here, the U.S or Latin America.

In Korea seasons are so important, that’s how they get the colors and different styles so it can match each season. Patterns and shapes are relevant to match each piece of clothes .Beauty standards are valuable in Korea, as well as skin care and makeup. women along with men wear makeup to complement their outfits. Let’s not forget accessories, for example jewelry, bags, jackets, etc. The reason why “street” is everywhere is because of the heavy street style influence.