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Family followed by paranormal activity.

An image of the apparition was caught on the home security camera.

An image of the apparition was caught on the home security camera.

Renata Pinzon, Contributor

Paranormal activity has its own motto, “seeing is believing”. The more you think about ghosts or demons, you start to questions yourself if they are real or if you are going insane. In the podcast, the “Daily Rant”, host Renata interviewed Madalyn on her experience a year ago.  Madalyn was having a normal day, she was walking down the hall of her house when she heard an interruptive noise.

“I was just walking down the living room of my house when I saw a bright figure appear in the corner of my eye,” said Madalyn. The home had been decorated for Christmas and small white lights had been placed along the upstairs railings. “The stairs had white lights but they were turned off at the moment because we (my family) were about to go to sleep.” As Madalyn was crossing the main entrance of the house, a “human figure was just casually standing at the top of the stairs. I thought I was imagining it at first until I called my dad. He said that he had seen this figure before.”

Madalyn explained that when the family moved into their home she had an uncertain feeling when she walked in for the first time. “The previous owner had told us that someone had died in the house,” Madalyn said. “But she didn’t explain to us how, but that was my initial thought. “What if the person’s ghost is here?” she thought. They looked at the Ring doorbell camera and were so shocked to see the video her father took a screenshot of the scene.

In the picture above, the viewer can see the Christmas lights were on. “The figure just stands there and kind of leans over the rail,” said Madalyn, “and looks down at the main hall. It didn’t feel dangerous. but I felt like the figure wanted to tell me something”.

Most people think that ghosts or demons appear to harm you, but this felt different. “I would be in the kitchen and the pantry door would open,” she said, “or the cabinets would slam shut, but I never felt a threat towards me or my family. I would try to ask the fire some questions but sometimes it would just give me silence.  Other times it would come to the point where my lights would flash on and off.”

For the past year, Madalyn has become used to the feeling of someone watching over her. “It isn’t creepy. I just feel like the ghost is trying to find herself welcome in a place that used to be its home.” Ever since its first appearance, the figure has been laid-back. Madalyn and her family hope it remains that way. What would you do if this happened to you?