In the Driver’s Seat


Christian Dominguez

Classic 1950s Chevy muscle car.

James Pippin, Contributor

Cars are a normal everyday thing in our lives while most people do not understand anything about cars well Christan Dominguez isn’t like most people. Many people see cars as just a way to get around faster not Christan he sees the history behind cars along with having respect for car manufacturers. Whenever Christan talks to people about cars “they only know that pressing the gas makes the car move” after Christan said this we asked “How does it make you feel whenever people say incorrect things about cars?”  he said ” it makes me pretty mad considering how I know so much about cars and whenever I try to explain cars to them it can get pretty frustrating because they do not understand the car parts that I try to describe.” Whenever we asked Christan about supercars he said “The most common supercar people would say is their favorite is Ferrari and Lamborghini because that’s all they know about.” Recently, Christan took a photo of a classic 1955 Chevrolet that was turned into a drag racer.