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Frisco Flashing Lights Program Recently Enters Our FISD Schools… Will It Truly Help Our Students?

Frisco Police car in historic downtown area!

Frisco Police car in historic downtown area!

Kaushik Setty, School Writer

Frisco Independent School District gradually develops in curriculum and education… but the most unique programs that arrive at FISD can bring the most unique impacts on a student’s life for the ongoing future. The Frisco Flashing Lights Program brings a more societal feel of becoming a citizen as one grows to be an adult and deals with the real world, mainly including the interactions between a peace officer and the new coming citizens that students are becoming. Students in this very school have a choice of changing their enticing future! Is this program really going to assist our students to become better citizens in the future? Make sure to check out a short podcast under the picture to dive in deeper!


School has always been a place for preparations for a career they’re looking for with the support of attending college, but this new program will bring a drastic meaning to a student’s life. Students have to be adults somehow, that’s why we have teachers here and partnered peace officers offering to assist our fellow students to become a citizen.  Education isn’t the only paramount course to get through so the decision of creating an additional course for this strict preparation for students is a good choice to make. 

The course contains how to interact with a police officer and how to make efficient responses toward police officers in very simple situations such as getting pulled over. Many young student drivers are CLUELESS in these types of situations, which then builds up anxiety over a period of time each and every time they create an experience with a police officer. This is wrong! We must guide the youth of this society for them to know that experiences with police officers can be simple and neat! No need for complications! This course creates ease upon young adults in the making and can create a great influence on standing confident and mentally strong in front of a police officer. FISD is gradually becoming a platform sharing educational purposes for a variety of things, therefore bringing different forms of education to this school. This course is said that it is strictly mandatory before graduating high school!

The million-dollar question is: Would this course be helpful for students? The simple answer is, that it completely will! FISD needs to add more of these similar programs of shaping the students of their schools into citizens because if they need to face the world out there successfully, they need to learn how to before they attempt to. The stage of growth between a student to an adult must be visible and creating these programs partnered with our everyday helpers can assist our students to become the best citizens possible! FISD schools need to know how to incorporate these types of programs as courses to build our student’s skills to become true adults walking in this society because of the fact that it can definitely change and save many people’s lives if they get into these similar incidents.  These programs can vanquish all types of anxiety towards the interactions with higher authorities.

Take a spin and attend Frisco’s Flashing Lights course!