Bus Stop

School bus drivers run a tight operation.


Aaron Levi

The author about to step on the school bus.

Terrell Weakley, Contributor

In the United States There are 26 million students who take the bus to and from school every day. Many Frisco High school students depend on the school bus for transportation as well.

Bus drivers are assigned specific buses with specific numbers. This allows students to ride with the same bus driver every day. Bus number 55 is driven by Bus Driver Katherine. High school students are not the only passengers she takes back and forth to school in Frisco ISD. She begins her day before 6 am and prepares for the elementary route, the middle school route, and finally the high school route.

The Raccoon Rambler recently caught up with Bus Driver Katherine to find out what it is like to drive a school bus.

“Its a pretty rewarding job,” she said. “I enjoy driving students around. Getting students to school and back safely is a huge responsibility with so many people on the road.  My main concern is keeping everybody safe.”

Bus driver Katherine understands the responsibility that comes with driving students to and from school. There are many distractions on the roads in a crowded community.

“The biggest challenge is driving on the roads with other drivers who don’t know the rules,” she said, emphasizing her priority to keep everyone safe.

Being a school bus driver is much more than picking up students at the bus stop and dropping them off at school. Drivers must have excellent driving skills, be prepared to work several shifts every day, and be able to watc

h out for careless drivers. The next time you step on to your school bus, thank that driver for what they do.