Schedule Planning and Due Dates

Deadlines Have Passed But Next Year is Near

Jessie Ingram, Contributor

The deadline to change courses and alternates was Friday, April 15th, next Friday. Did you choose the classes you wanted and needed? Certain classes fill up quickly. For example next school year you will want to set up your fall 2023 schedule fairly early if you are interested in taking the following courses:

  1. Computer Gaming
  2. College Prep Math
  3. Food Science
  4. Aquatics
  5. Livestock Production
  6. Computer Maintenance
  7. Creative Writing
  8. Interior Design 2
  9. Personal Financial Literacy
  10. Survey of Info Tech
  11. Touch System Data Entry
  12. Travel and Tourism
  13. Greenhouse Operations @CTEC
  14. Hospitality Services @CTEC
  15. Practicum of Hospitality @CTEC
  16. Plant and Soil Science @CTEC.

If you want to change a class on your current schedule for next year you will need to complete a Course Request Change Form.  You can also request the link from your counselor. 

Though many classes fill up quickly, there are some exceptions to the April 15th deadline. If you want to make changes to Athletics, Band, Choir, Orchestra, Debate, Color Guard, Drill Team, or Academic Decathlon the deadline for those are not until the end of the first week of the 22-23 school year. 

There is a lot to think about when picking an elective class that is right for you. “Students tend to choose classes because there friends are choosing them,” says FHS counselor Ashley Rutherford, “or they feel like that’s the only way they can get their GPA up.” Her advice is to have a balanced schedule that challenges you but does not put too much pressure on you so that you can do your best. This can help you in maintaining good grades.

Some students often choose classes that are more time-consuming than they had originally thought. Senior Akanksha Kumar recommends reviewing how content-heavy classes are in order to avoid this. “I would recommend thinking about how content based the class is,” she said, “because you don’t want to overwhelm yourself, especiallyduring your senior year.”

Senior Brian Richey has seen several of his peers become stressed out because of the amount of work they are required to do during the school year. “I know that colleges care a lot about what classes you take,” he said, “but overwhelming yourself can limit the quality and amount of work you can produce.”

If you decide to change any classes, choose carefully and make sure the course is something you truly want to do and can handle.