Wrestling Raccoons


Destiny Sims wrestling an opponent.

Now that the spring semester is winding down, it is time to take a look at Frisco High School’s wrestling team which includes over eighty boys and girls. They began the season with a great deal of promise and did not disappoint.

“What you put into it,” said Coach Jonathan Reid, “is what you’re going to get out of it. The kids come out here; they learn technique; and it all gets decided on that mat and in that circle. Getting to see that and the kids develop is pretty exciting.”

Diego Gutierrez looks forward to the physical competition. “Wrestling is definitely a more aggressive sport,” he said. “There are a lot more injuries in wrestling.”

Wrestling is more than just a competition to Destiny Sims. “A lot of other contact sports don’t discipline as much,” said. “We get a lot of workouts in so it’s not a sport for everyone. This contact sport is different.”

Christian Mizzell feels that wrestling can be more physically demanding than other sports. “You have to use your whole body.” He finds the sport fun because the people who are in it will push you to be your best. “That’s why it can sometimes appear aggressive.”

Even though wrestling is considered a team sport, Belin Rios points out that it is also requires a great deal of discipline from the individual because of the various weight classes.

The wrestlers knew what they were capable of and went for it.

“What’s really exciting is that he girls program has blown up,” said Coach Reid. “Right now we are pushing about eighteen girls. We’re really excited about that. We have about ten freshmen at the moment, so it’s exciting to see the difference going from six to eightheen.”

“I think we had a really strong varsity line-up this year,” said Belin Rios. “Especially on the girls side because most schools really don’t.”

We do have a lot more girls,” said Destiny Sims, “and they’ve become really good.”

Combined with skills, discipline, and strength, the team owes a lot to the coaching staff.

“I would honestly give it up to our head coach, Coach Reid,” said Jayden Henderson. “He’s brought us all tother with the mental and physical toughness.”

Belin Rios won several awards this season. She came in first at District; first at Regionals; and second at State. Varsity Boys finished fifth in District and JV Boys came in third out of fourteen teams. Though some will be graduating soon, many of the wrestlers will be returning in the fall. This leaves a lot to look forward to in the fall.