Biology Teacher Dives In Mid-Stream

Students Connect With New Teacher


C. Dominguez

Ms. Wudeck talks with student.

Christian Dominguez, Contributor

It is difficult enough being a new teacher at a school, but replacing a teacher mid-year can be even more difficult. When Biology teacher Samantha Loeb left Frisco High School in December of 2021, she was replaced by Elyse Wudeck who has had an interest in science since she was a little girl.

“”I used to be in the science world as a researcher,” she said, “and I’ve always been a curious person. I enjoy working with students and answering their questions and getting them curious about science.”

With Mrs. Loeb’s departure, a teaching position became available at FHS. “I really wanted to work in a high school with that age group teaching them my favorite fun stuff and helping people grow.”

Replacing a teacher that the students began the school year with was challenging.  “Walking in halfway through the school year is challenging, Ms. Marchbanks and the Biology team have been really helpful and the kids have been really patient with me.”

For more detailed information about Ms. Wudeck, please listen to the audio interview on this page.