A New War Develops in Eastern Europe


Daniel Loncaric, Contributor

It’s no secret that international tension has been rising dramatically. Along with it, longstanding enemies prepare for war. One of these complicated relationships is the one between Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia.

After the Yugoslav Wars in the 90s, 3 presidents were appointed to rule what is considered Bosnia today. Milorad Dodik as the president of Republika Srpska, a territory to the north part of Bosnia with a majority Serb population, Zeljko Komsic as the president of Herzegovina, a loosely defined section in the South with a majority Croat population. And finally, Sefik Dzaferovic as the president of all else, with a majority Bosniak population, Muslims of Croat/Serb ancestry that converted to Islam under Ottoman rule. This complexity is due to the mess that is the borders of former Yugoslavia and many towns and cities consider themselves part of another country despite the borders.

Republika Srpska nationalism has always been prevalent but it has risen very fast and the likelihood of a conflict between the territory and Bosnia is getting more probable as world tension rises. Despite Bosnia and Croatia having fought each other for a brief period, it seems like an alliance could be formed due to common allies.

Despite Bosnia as well as Serbia not being part of NATO, Bosnia has a very strong relationship with America, as well as Croatia. Serbia is another story, having allied with Russia very early in the conflict. America is very pro-Bosnia and pro-Albania, both mortal enemies of Serbia. This rocky relationship is further strengthened by the fact that America is currently sending weapons and defense systems to the Croatian army as the Serbian army continues to be heavily funded by Russia.

The Yugoslav Wars were not very long ago, with the majority of soldiers and politicians having been alive for at least a portion of the war. Today, with multiple conflicts occurring around the world, it seems like another one is brewing in the Balkans once again.