Carly Clayborn, Contributor

Frisco High School has some of the most amazing teachers. Mr. Guerrero is one of them. He is a freshman geography teacher as well as a coach.

Mr. Guerrero has wanted to be a teacher since he was a little boy. “I wanted to coach and teach since I was in middle school,” he said. “Teaching was the only way I could be a coach at high school level.”

He is also known as Coach G. because he is an assistant coach on the girls softball team. As a coach, his day often begins before 7 am. After coaching, he moves to the classroom where he teaches students about the countries that cover the globe.  

Mr. G enjoys being able to build relationships with the students he teaches and his students enjoy learning with him. “He does not have to explain much,” said freshman Shannon Martins. “But when he does he goes into depth and is very patient with us. He makes me want to come to geography class and learn.” 

Gabi Garzona, another freshman in Coach G’s geography class likes his style. “Coach G is very laid back and down to earth,” she said. “that’s nice, but he is serious when it comes to work.” Mr. Guerrero makes his students feel included and special every day he teaches. His class is a chill and safe environment for any student that walks through the door.

“Sometimes geography can be hard to understand,” said freshman James Small, “but Coach G. helps me figure it out and I really appreciate that.”

Mr. Guerrero is one of the best teachers and friends you can have at FHS. Students enjoy his class and company.