The Great Sports Debate

Which do students think is better, in school or club sports?


Jessie Ingram, Contributor

Many students at Frisco High School participate in sports but what about the sports that aren’t offered at the school? Certain students opt to take periods off of their day to do off campus P.E. so that they can do their own sports. What do students think about school sports as compared to out of school sports?

“I don’t think that in school sports are any better than out of school,” said an FHS sophomore who is on a gymnastics club team. “I actually think that clubs are better than any in school programs. The whole program is just dedicated to that one sport.” She also feels that many people have more respect for students who play on school teams because they represent their school. Many students who play club sports also seem to share this opinion.

“Whenever I did cheerleading for my school,” said an FHS junior who moved from school to club sports,”it was definitely easier to talk about doing sports. But now whenever I get asked if I do a sport it feels awkward because some students kinda treat club sports like they don’t count.” Students who play in-school sports have different experiences based on the type of sport they play. 

“I don’t really have a problem with club sports, I guess,” said an FHS varsity football player. “I think in-school sports are better because you are supporting your school.” Depending on experience, students may have a different perspective on which is better. Both club sports and in-school sports are competitive, impressive and respectable. It is up to the individual as to which one is better for him or her.