Social Media’s Growing Influence

Is Social Media More Beneficial Than Harmful?

Teens spend an average of seven hours per day on  smart phones.

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Teens spend an average of seven hours per day on smart phones.

Harshil Chaudhari, Contributor

Social media has become a growing part of many people’s life. Social media is used every moment and is helpful in many ways. Although there are many people who do not have or use social media, it has still been growing popular. Many of the users of social media apps are young people who use them every day to communicate with each other and for entertainment.

Other uses of social media include media sharing, collaboration, etc. Although many people have different perspectives and opinions on social media, whether beneficial or harmful, social media has become an important part of today’s society and life.

“Social media’s growing influence is beneficial,” said FHS freshman Ayush Verma. “because people are becoming increasingly aware of current events. It helps them be connected across the world.”

Many people believe that social media is more harmful than beneficial, however, people neglect or refuse to look at the benefits of social media apps. Social media can be used in various ways to be helpful to people. “Social media can be both beneficial or harmful,” said student Yusuf Jamali, “depending on how the user uses it.”