Putting a Lid on the Can

Restroom closures result in backup.


James H.

Student looking for relief.

James Hobbs, Contributor

Restrooms. Using the restroom is a common privilege that everyone uses daily but, you’d be surprised at how quickly the privileges we thought we had can be taken away from us.  

At Frisco High, five restrooms on campus are off-limits. Most happen to be men’s restrooms. As a result, students and teachers have been frustrated by the lack of restroom options. Students are missing class and having to search to find an open restroom. 

 “Of the five closed restrooms,” said Assistant Principal Felipe Torres, “three of them are being worked on for plumbing issues. For some reason, kids thought it would be funny to put a fish in the toilet and flush it.” The other two restrooms were closed for disciplinary reasons because students were taking things from the restroom.”

Many of the students are not happy. “It seems like every restroom I go to is closed,” says Freshman Isaiah Ivy. “It takes time out of my day to walk around the school to find a restroom I can use.” Sophomore Trey Dancer has a different observation. “It increases my encounters with smokers, he says. “My options are limited which makes for more frequent interactions with these smokers.

Is there a solution? Closed restrooms are an inconvenience to everyone. One solution to prevent this in the future is to use restrooms properly and to not damage more property.