Office Aides on the Run!

Working as an aide can help the time fly by.


Aaron Levi

Bailey J. and Natalie H. prepare for classroom deliveries.

Austin Cosmano, Contributor

Without Office Aids, This school wouldn’t be the same, a lot of people take office aids for granted, but some people might ask what is an office aid?  Bailey Jennings and Natalie Howard are both counselor office aids and they stay busy passing out messages throughout the school.

“I pass out notes around the school and help out all the counselors and teachers,” said senior Bailey Jennings. “I also help out the counselors by hole punching, printing papers for teachers, and helping with various tasks around the school.” 

There can be slow days and busy days. Slow days can sometimes be productive in other ways. “I like it,” said Bailey. “It’s almost like a free period. We can get a lot of homework done.”

Counselor aide Natalie Howard also enjoys working in the counselor’s office. She feels that it keeps her informed about what’s going on in the school. “I love seeing the kids have lunch detention,” she said. “I know about all of y’all.  That’s my favorite part.”

Staying busy also helps the time pass quickly. “I enjoy just walking around the school,” said Natalie. “I can get really bored and I don’t like sitting still. If you don’t like sitting still be a counselor’s aide.”

If you are interested in becoming a Counselor’s Aide, please speak with your counselor about it.