AcDec: Brains Over Brawn

Academic Decathlon Offers Competition For All

Kaushik Setty, Contributor

Kids in Academic Decathlon put a lot of effort and workload to earn the maximum amount of points in the competitions… but do you know how much these people grind and strive in order to reach success? 7 Subjects, 30 minutes: Math, Literature, Music, Art, Social Science, Science, and Economics. This club takes competition to another level! This club is open to all grades! In order to reach success for the day of the competitions, these guys need to grind and review each objective packet in order to absorb content to store into their brains. Many facts to study… formulas to consume… and articles to read! Each student applies equal effort in order to support their own school to take victory amongst other schools.

This extracurricular activity isn’t just a plain old club, it can also be a class on your next-semester schedule! To take such responsibility means to provide great devotion for the team and individually. The Academic Class can be taken as a class in your schedule or attending the Academic Decathlon Club every Wednesday, after school! There are two types of tests as per this activity: Minor Mocks and Major Mocks. Minor Mocks are there to prepare you for the Major Mocks, the boss of all examinations. Think of it like Minor and Major grades; everyone must take their Major grades much more solemnly than a regular Minor grade. The Major Mocks are done at different schools to take the competition to extreme levels. 

Each test is out of 1,000 points and there are 50 questions for 30 minutes! Sounds tough, right? Wrong! Only if one puts the right amount of adherence every day, that is was indicates you’re ready to nail the real deal at the Major and Minor Mocks. The mocks come in all forms: Speeches – Creating a speech under a limit of time according to a favorite topic of choice that follows a specific format, Essay – Creating an essay with the givens choices of 3 subjective prompts to form a formatted essay with the right paragraphs and detail to fulfill the judges, Interview – A random question being asked to answer with full detain answering the whole question, similar to improv, and the normal Academic 7 Objective test – Taking 7 tests from all the Academic Decathlon’s subjects under 30 minutes. After all the Major and Minor Mocks, the Coaches place you into a competitive team based on your overall score. If one doesn’t make it competitively, there’s always next year or Octathlon, so don’t give up so easily!

If you think you’re someone who can put devotion, responsibility, and time into this club/class and is someone who favors trying new things and making wonderful friends along the way, this place is just for you!