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Bathroom repairs coming soon.

Kaleb interviews Torres

Isaiah Ferguson

Kaleb interviews Torres

Kaleb Dukes, Contributor

Many of the boys at Frisco High School find that a trip to the bathroom can be an inconvenience these days. Due to unacceptable behavior by some of the students, many of the boys’ bathrooms at Frisco High School have been closed. Assistant Principal Felipe Torres is in charge of building maintenance at FHS. Bathroom re-openings depend on a variety of issues.

“For example,” explained Mr. Torres, “flushing objects down the toilet and backing up sinks have been a problem.”

Mr. Torres said that all bathrooms will be repaired and re-opened as soon as they are repaired and students stop damaging them. “The cafeteria bathrooms have already reopened,” Torres said on Friday. 

Students who are not troublemakers feel it is unfair towards those who behave. With five bathroom closures in the school, it has been a challenge to find one nearby for some students.

“It’s very frustrating that so many students cannot respect the facilities that we have on campus,” said a student who preferred to remain anonymous.

There is no estimated time for completion. “Due to backup of needed supplies,” said Torres, “I can’t say when all bathrooms will reopen.”