AcDec Is For Everyone

You Don’t Have To Be a Genius To Be a Genius


Staff Photographer

Carl Black and Brent Beeson, FHS AcDec Coaches.

Will Hobbs, Staff Reporter

Academic Decathlon, aka AcDec, is a class not only for merit and knowledge, but it is also a place to learn and grow. The class is for all grades and for all experiences. There is a chance to learn from a variety of topics and learn things about essay writing or giving speeches. The AcDec duo of Coach Brent Beeson and Mr. Carl Black has a lot to say about the class to anyone interested. 

“It really is a family atmosphere,” says Coach Beeson. “We are very, very inclusive. Everyone from grades nine through twelve and from all walks are accepted into the AcDec program.” 

There is more to the AcDec program than academic competitions. It is a course that helps students realize their potential by taking responsibility. Serious students will become better at research, studying, and improving organizational skills. “It is something that really encompasses every aspect of what it takes to be successful,” said Coach Beeson.

The AcDec course also looks impressive on a high school transcript. “AcDec can be great for things like college, letters, and scholarships,” said Coach Beeson.

Mr. Black agrees. “Joining AcDec well help every student become the best they can be in academics and beyond. You will learn time management, study skills, and discipline.  You also learn test-taking strategies, public speaking; you learn interview skills, and writing skills. It encompasses a lot of different things,” Mr. Black said.

For those willing to learn, willing to prove themselves, and become part of a group, joining AcDec might be the right move for you. If you are interested in signing up for AcDec, please see your counselor.