Why Ceramics is the Best Class


Staff Photo

Art 2 student, Tyriek Roye, displays custom ceramic mask that he made in class.

Carly Clayborn, Contributor

Ceramics is the best class to take. Most of the time when people think of art, they think of drawings or paintings, like the Mona Lisa. Some people do not like to take art classes or participate in art because they think it is too hard or complicated. Ceramics, however, is something anyone can do. In ceramics, people are allowed to express their personality through things like sculptures, utensils, and decoration pieces. Anything you can imagine can be made in a ceramics class.

In this picture, Tyriek Roye, a student in ceramics, made a mask out of clay. This mask piece shows his creativity and personality. Ceramics class has a lot of flexibility within projects. Whether it is making a pinch pot, tiki mask, gingerbread house, or mug, you can make every piece your own with your ideas. So, if you are wanting to be in a class that is easy, but fun to participate in, join ceramics!