Theatre’s Terrific Techies – Veer Krishnapuram

Veer Krishnapuram Shares His “Techie” Story


Our Wonderful Techie: Veer!

Kaushik Setty, School Writer

Many students think that Theatre only includes the aspect of acting… but has someone dug deep behind the scenes of the stage? Have you wondered how the sets are made? How much effort do these Tech Students put in to create a perfect platform for the actors? Tech students also hold great importance while putting a very vigorous amount of effort and time into each and every play that occurs! Take look and read about the specialty and importance of our Tech Students! 

Veer Krishnapuran, a previous techie of the month, truthfully displays what it takes for one to put patience and work to reach a desirable goal. What he relishes, he will achieve. Tech theatre has a unique paradigm that takes in the most effortful students in tech theatre and honors them every month, and our fellow student Veer has gotten to this honorable role. This symbolizes the hard work one has poured into by coming after/before school every day, working many hours, taking tech theatre as an occupation, and much more to fulfill the needs of the occurring playwright.

Our amazing techie Veer truly devotes his time to tech theatre. Let him motivate and inspire many people who must devote their time to any factor of their life. He is a true model of what hard work should be: a Work-Driver. Veer brings the “work” in “hard-worker”.

Veer isn’t our only techie of the month this year, we have many students to show praise to because of their great personality and hard work. We must take a step to aspire to be better people than the students around us… in this very school! This not only gets you to a greater position and honor, but it also becomes a very fun experience for students to devote their time to tech theatre while creating great bonds and many friends.

Theatre in general is a great place for making new friends and taking part in new activities to find the new you! One will only enjoy theatre if they pitch in and put effort and time into it. Veer has only come this far into his journey by being recognized by his friends and teachers by earning this role. Who knows… maybe he could be a techie again! Everyone has this wonderful chance, but it’s how you get to this throne of honor!

Let’s make work fun again! Check out our techies of the month in tech theatre and our spotlight: Veer Krishnapuram!