All the World’s a Stagehand

Behind the Scenes in Tech Theatre


Staff Photo

Tech Theatre student using power saw.

Craig Geral Jr., Contributor

When people attend a live show, like the plays and musicals that the Theatre Department produces. Most people spend watching the actors and following the story. The set and the props are just expected to be there, but there is a group of people and who spend weeks designing, building, and making the set come to life.

“Tech Theatre takes a planning process, research, and more,” said FHS Tech Theatre teacher Lisa Custer. “One of our lessons was dissecting the set so we can fit all of our ideas then we sketch it out. Then we make a model then we go from there.”

Tech Theatre student Jaden London really enjoys working on projects. “It’s one thing to work and have fun at the same time,” said FHS Tech Theatre Student Jaden London.

Tech Theatre has taught Charlotte Dejecacion to get comfortable using her hands. “Using my hands is something new for me since I’m not that much of a tactile person,’ said Charlotte. “I learned how to use a drill but I’m not very good.”

Senior Sammy Bueno has a new respect for the work that goes into creating a set. “There is a lot more to a stage production than actors reciting lines in front of an audience. “A lot more work goes behind what we do, how we make the stage, and how we build things,” said Sammy Bueno.

Attending can make you think differently about the sets of the play “The value of Tech Theatre is in the bigger picture. When you’re watching the play and you see the sets and you take the time to think about it and say wow those sets were made by people like us.” Said FHS Tech Theatre Student Adam Zatout.

If you are interested in being part of Tech Theatre speak with your counselor or stop by the Theatre Department and visit with Ms. Custer or Ms. Sauls.