The Sandpiper

A unique bird visits the southern Texas coast.


Instagram: @daniel_filmaker_lee

A sandpiper on the beach at South Padre Isand.

Daniel Lee , Contributor

They run on the sand with agility and speed.  
Their legs are slender and precise yet delicate as a feather.
Picking up food from the deep sinking sand with their long slender beaks.
The waves are like sky-high mountains looking to catch them at each stroke.
They risk it all running straight towards the staggering obstacle.
This is their place of fear and place of gain.
This is the life of a sandpiper.

This was more dramatic than it actually was. Thinking through the perspective of the sandpiper led to this poem of sorts of these beautiful birds. I watched them for two hours at the beach filming and photographing them. It was a difficult task because they are very fast and shy. When you sit in the sand and wait patiently you are able to see so many unique behaviors. They are very intelligent, courageous, and curious creatures. After observing the sandpiper, one can see a representation of courage. That caught my attention at the beginning when I first saw a glimpse of them. It was awesome taking a moment of time to observe and photograph this beautiful bird.