Bottled Up

Some Vending Machines Off-Limits to Students


Gerard Dominguez

Officer Kim pointing to empty vending machine.

Austin Cosmano, Contributors

Vending machines have been shut down and people have been wondering why.

Mason Douglas is a student who feels the vending machines shouldn’t be closed.  “I  think students should have a certain level of personal responsibilities,” said Mason, “and for certain decisions, it should not be up to the school.” Mason feels that individuals should make their own decisions.

One teacher thinks there will be good ending to the situation. “I do think the vending machines will open back up,” she said. “It’s a win-win situation for the company that provides the vending machines and also for the school district.”

Principal Danny Barrentine has stated that vending machines should only available to the students during specific times. “I don’t mind if students use it during lunch,” he said. “Flex or passing periods are also okay, but not during class time.”

Vending machines are a privilige to have in school. Remember not use them during class.