Whats the Buzz with All of These Clubs?

Showing you why join a Frisco High clubs might be the right decision for you!


Staff Photo

Club flyers along the A-Hall wall near the lunchroom

Jessie Ingram, Contributor

At Frisco High there are an abundance of interesting clubs that students can join to learn and make new friends. But which club is the right one for you? Whether you are looking for community service hours, preparing for a possible future career, or just trying to have some fun at school there are many different clubs for you to choose from.

There are many extracurriculars such as Yearbook, Stars, Honor Society and more, but Frisco has much more to offer! Frisco High has clubs ranging from the Science National Honor Society to the World Languages club. In A hall near the cafeteria there is a wall filled with posters of unique clubs some of which may spark your interest. If you are trying to learn more about different cultures try the Multicultural club or the Golden Citizen Club. These clubs explore different cultures and help students learn about them through fun activities. If you want to put in effort to change the world and fight for what’s right, maybe check out the HEAT Club. This club fights for human rights, animal rights, and environmental rights through their positive activism. Maybe you’re more academically focused, FHS has Stem Career Club, Young Writers Club, Girls in Tech Club, Mobile Investing Club and more! Certain Clubs give you the chance to volunteer such as the Volunteer Opportunity Club, which is great for students looking to get volunteer hours or just want a productive way to past time.

But now you may be wondering, why join a club in the first place? Joining school clubs have many benefits, such as meeting new people. When you go into a club there is a good chance you won’t know many of the people there, so its a great opportunity to up your social skills and make new friends. Joining a club can also teach you new things and skills, if you join Red Cross Club you may learn things about the medical field that you didn’t before.

A survey conducted on several students from Frisco High that are in clubs reports that 75 percent of students say that their club has affected them very positively while the other 25 percent range mostly gave the answer of somewhat positively.

Kaylee Sadler, a senior in the club Best Buddies, says “I have gained the opportunity to interact with special needs kids at my school and form a relationship. I have made a very close bond with my buddy because of this club which I am extremely grateful for.”

This is just one example of how joining a club can be a beneficial way to learn and gain new experiences. Many students say that they would recommend their clubs to most other students.

With the club Best Buddies you are bonding with someone you have never met. “It is a commitment, students who are not willing to fully commit to the club should not join,” said Kaylee, “since you are responsible for upholding a relationship with the buddy you are paired with.”

When joining a club it is always important to take into consideration what club you are joining and why. Finding a club that you will be interested in and be able to commit to is an easy task and if you have an idea for a club Frisco doesn’t have yet try talking to your counselors abut making your own club!