Afghanistan Terror: Parents Sell Children and Kidneys to Avoid Starvation

Parents Sell Children and Kidneys to Feed Starving Families


Huzeifa Dawoodbhai, Student

Warning: This article contains distressing content.

In one case, three brothers and their two sisters told us they sold their organs for around  $1,500 a piece to buy food for the rest of the family. We have heard multiple parents tell us how they’re now resorting to selling their children. Emotional doctors tell us they cannot afford even the dressings for infected wounds nor the basic tools to do life-saving operations.

This is the part of the world that the United Nations now says is fast becoming the world’s worst humanitarian disaster. Afghanistan was poor and in difficulties before the chaotic withdrawal of foreign troops last August. Now, with the Taliban in power and the rest of the world still not officially recognizing the legitimacy of their government, it is the Afghan people who’re having to resort to such extreme measures to survive.


Source Cited: Sky News