Meet Senior Yahshua Carpenter

Overcoming bullying by finding a passion .


Yahshua Carpenter Overcomes Bullying By Finding a Passion.

Daniel Lee, Staff Writer

The Yahshua Carpenter story is an example of overcoming great difficulties and using pain to help others. He was bullied throughout most of his life in school. It left boulders of pain and hurt. To overcome that stress, Yahshua found his passion for powerlifting

¨Whenever I lift that bar,” said Yahshua, “everything clears in my mind. It’s like all my problems fade away.¨ He has been powerlifting for three years and has grown a heart for helping others which has led to an interest in a desire to join the police department someday. ¨I’ve been bullied a lot in my life and after finding Jesus I now have this will to protect and serve those whot can’t protect themselves. I needed that when I was younger and the best job I could find was being part of the police.¨

This documentary is about Yahshua’s story of overcoming great problems and the positive results of finding a passion.