Following the Science

Good Chemistry Makes for a Fun Class


Staff Photographer

Mr Lopez helping chemistry student

Austin Cosmano

Mr. Ector Lopez, a science teacher at Frisco High School, loves teaching chemistry. Students talk about his funny and laid-back personality.

Mr. Lopez did not study to become a teacher when he was in college. It was a career that evolved. “I was inspired to become a teacher in 2008,” he said, “when I was in banking and the market crashed.” I thought of what profession would give me the most time off and I thought hey teaching is only 187 days of working a year.”

Students Presely Gray and Stephen Safavii are happy to have Mr.Lopez as a teacher and enjoy his interaction with students.

“The smores project we did was very fun,” said Presley. “It was about limiting reactants and we were able to eat smores after we made them. I love how Mr.Lopez teaches. He is always very patient with us and he makes the class fun and enjoyable. It makes you look forward to going to class and learn.”

Sophomore Stephen Safavii also enjoys going to chemistry class. “Mr.Lopez is a really good teacher,” he said. “He does a good job at it. It’s just interesting what we do and every class is different.”

Mr.Lopez is a favorite teacher at FHS. People who take his class next fall will enjoy his unique style of teaching.