Interstellar: A Film For The History Books


Movie Poster for CXhristopher Noaln’s “Interstellar” (2014).

The film “Interstellar,” by Christopher Nolan, is a brilliant movie that leaves audiences reflecting and awestruck days after watching the film. It contains an emotional ride as it follows a father embarking on a trip to save his children and finding a habitable planet for humanity due to earth’s deteriorating atmosphere. 

The science-fiction elements of space are enhanced but still scientific in its visual portayal. In addition, the massive scale of the story itself in space and the core of believing in family is very interesting to watch.

It was filmed on IMAX cameras which give an immersive quality due to its unmatchable image quality and extra room on the bottom and tops of the image. The soundtrack was created by the legendary Hans Zimmer. The emotions of hope, danger, anger, sadness, and love are consistently and effectively communicated. 

The film does not spoon-feed the audience with information but is uncovered and solved as the story progresses which makes for a compelling experience. It should be watched at least twice to be fully understood. I’ve seen “Interstellar” three times and have noticed the small jokes and clues that make it a fun watch even after viewing it twice.

“Interstellar” is one of the best science fiction films of the decade that represents problem-solving and acceptance. This is quality cinema at its finest.