Home Run for Hardin-Simmons!

Student Spotlight on Maddie Hubbard


Maddie Hubbard with Coach Poehler

Will Hobbs, Staff Reporter

All-star softball player Maddie Hubbard has been accepted into her dream school of Hardin-Simmons through her hard work and great softball skills. Her dedication and outstanding talent has helped Maddie in achieving her goals. 

“I chose Hardin-Simmons because the second I walked on campus it just felt like home to me,” said Maddie.  “I’m into Christian universities and those values are important to me. It’s a great fit for me and my learning.”

Maddie has been playing softball since she was six years old and has been working hard ever since to be the best. “I think I just picked it up very quickly,” said Maddie,  “I love the challenges that I face going through because there is a lot of failure in it, but it has made me a lot stronger.”

Maddie has not only played softball but other sports as well. Despite all of that, softball seems to be the one that captured her heart. Her hard word in the sport has led to her scholarship which was nothing but a blessing to Maddie, as it was one of her goals too, “I think when I was about twelve years old,” said Maddie. “I decided that [earning a scholarship] was one of my main goals, and I worked hard at it and it payed off.”

Maddie plans to attend school at Hardin-Simmons and continue her journey with softball.  She has truly reached the feat of working hard to accomplish her goals. Which is something that should inspire anyone to hit that home run.

For more information about Maddie’s story, please listen to the audio podcast on this page.